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Circumcision Tray
Use of Mogen clamp


1. Loosen adhesion of mucous membrane from glans penis by applying pressure upon prepuce laterally toward pubis. Anoint probe with petroleum. Safeguard fenulum by swinging probe right and left laterally not circularly.



2. Still maintaining pressure on glans, insert mosquito hemostat towards cervix, simultaneously gauging and locking exact amount of prepuce mucosa to be excised.




3. With mosquito hemostat in dorsal position, grasp prepuce mucosa laterally between thumb and forefinger, pull forward, placing skins on stretch, thereby causing gland to withdraw towards scrotum, thread skins into center of circumcision instrument dorso ventrally on an angle.




4. Bring both jaws of circumcision instrument together, remove hemostat, swing cam into locked position and excise prepuce mucosa with scalpel. Leave on at least one minute then remove instrument.





5. Break "SEAL" caused by pressure of instrument by applying slight pressure downwards, thus freeing glans and bringing skins below corona. Free glans of remaining adhesions of mucosa to enable the removal of possible smegma from cervix.



The silver bandage is placed around the glans base, at the point of circumcision of the foreskin, the absorbent compressed cotton is rolled over it, the silicon paper is removed and the bandage is finally adhered by means of the adhesive strip.

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